Open Garden Cheshire 2017 - Tulips and Silver Pear in Dappled Sunlight - Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire

Open Garden Cheshire 2017

Open Garden Cheshire 2017 , 24th & 25th June, 2-5pm

Looking forward to opening our garden again this year. The tulips have been fabulous and have come out so much earlier…… promise of things to come when we open next month ! Open Garden Cheshire 2017.The green house is being painted…a well deserved tidy up after 15 years when Jib first built it. The house has been painted as well (timely, although not especially for the open garden!) but I’m most excited about my green house going through a metamorphosis!  Pots of all sorts of flowering plants have started amassing, ready for the sale. Friends are offering a wide variety of lovely specimens including Salvia ‘Hotlips’…a favourite each year. The cake list is already sounding amazing!

All we need now is the sunshine !

Open Garden Cheshire 2017 - Greenhouse receiving a lick of paint - Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire

Painting our beautiful green house after admittedly a wee bit of neglect. It’s going to look amazing and hopefully as good as it did when Jib built it 15 years ago ! Pot plants are starting to amass for the sale. Just waiting for the Catalpa bignoniodes(in front of shed) to come into leaf. At Chelsea they avoid using this beautiful small tree because it is so late into leaf. I’ll put up a photo of it in June. Open Garden Cheshire 2017.

Open Garden Cheshire 2017 - Lonicera trimmed ready for the flowering plants to grow - Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire

In the front garden the Lonicera nitidia Baggens Gold creating divisions in the bed has been clipped. We need to do this twice a year. The box balls will be clipped in June. The beech on the roadside is waiting for it’s new leaves after shedding the brown and the mass of bright cerise and pink perennials are growing through nicely. Open Garden Cheshire 2017

More to follow…..!

Take a look at the developing front garden…..

Developing Front Garden Early June - 1 - Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire

The soft beech leaves unfold, the Lonicera nitidia parterre becomes more vibrant and fills with the new foliage of summer flowering plants

Developing Front Garden July - 2 - Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire

What a difference a month makes….Lythrum, Lychnis, Perovskia, Astilbe, Persicaria, Stachys are all in flower

Developing Front Garden July - 4 - Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire

Beautiful rich cerise of Lychnis coronaria will last the whole summer. Complimented with varying tones of Lythrum and Stachnis Humelo

Open garden early evening - 1 - Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire

The rose garden in full bloom with Stachys byzantina edging the border.

The open garden has been a great success again this year raising nearly £1000 for the homeless in India !



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