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Caroline Benedict Smith Garden Design Cheshire- What makes me tick

Dead heading the peonies

Early June in my garden
When I open my curtains in the morning and look out onto my summer garden, inviting me to potter out amongst the roses and peonies and drink in the heady scents of the honeysuckle, I think how lucky I am to be doing this for a living.

My passion from early childhood for gardening has come full circle, taking in on its way an architectural degree, running a 7 strong architectural/interior design practice, a year in South East Asia, and several RHS qualifications.I have been designing private gardens in Cheshire, Yorkshire and the North West for over 19 years. Each garden is unique and asks for its own style. I favour classic timeless designs, which draw on the experience of the past but use the best of our contemporary ideas. My strength lies in having both an architectural and horticultural training, helping me design with ease both the structure and planting.

About me

My spare time has a lot to do with gardening and it begins in earnest in February with pruning roses and sowing seeds in the greenhouse. The ‘tinkering’ builds up to late June when we open our garden for a homeless charity. By then it is usually fever pitch for my husband and I, propagating and potting up plants to sell, pruning, clipping, mowing. Trying out new plant combinations… my husband thinks our garden is a trial bed for everyone else’s!

Having spent a year in faraway countries, my next favourite thing to gardening is travelling, both near and far, to beautiful landscapes I have not seen and cultures I have not experienced. We’re looking forward shortly to being able to do this outside of the school holidays !

The best bit of all is to share the garden with my family, friends and cats, cooking and enjoying good food in the warm summer months.

I love all the seasons in the garden !

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Ba Hons Arch, dip. Arch, ARB
RHS Advanced Certificate Horticulture